• 3D Printing Maker Competition

    Being a hot topic in the era of “Industry 4.0”, 3D printing technology has received widespread attention from all around the world. With the technological developments, 3D printing has been used widely in various kind of fields to be consumed in many ranges such as consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace to medicine. With more professionals entering the 3D printing industry, there is a push towards technological progress and industrial application, and projects which have high-quality talents are gradually appearing. The promotion of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” gave every maker a chance to develop, innovate and realize their individual values. Under the mass expansive backdrop of the innovation drive, the promotion of 3D printing has enabled the technical condition to gain maturity and advantageous government policies support. In addition, a large gap in the market for the technology still existed. 3D printing is in its prime to embrace “mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • —— Competition Timeline ——


    May Commencement

    Commencement, Press Release



    Official Website Live, Online Registration



    Domestic and Foreign Promotions, Special Training Camp



    Special Training Camp, 3 Preliminary Selections


    26 Sept

    Final Round of Competition, Prizes, Offline Media Event, Results Publication

  • —— Details of Prizes ——

    First Place (1 Selection)

    Certificate + Prize Money (RMB 10,000)

    Second Place (2 Selections)

    Certificate + Prize Money (RMB 5,000)

    Third Place (4 Selections)

    Certificate + Prize Money (RMB 2,000)

    Excellence Award (8 Selections)

    Certificate + Prize Money (RMB 500)

  • Entrepreneurship Special Training Camp

    Date: June-July 2018

    Location: Shanghai City 3D Printing Creator Center

    Quota: Limited to 50 individuals, Priority given to contestants of the competition.

    Time: 2 day experiential teaching, closed-door sessions, complimentary. Participants only pay for transport, accomodation and meals.


    The Special Training Camp will see experts in the 3D Printing industry directly mentor the attendees. The training content covers 3D printing, entrepreneurial experience, techniques for approaching investors, and government incubator policies etc. During this period, attendees will also visit the 智慧湾科创园3D Printing Maker Center to network with individuals from the Government, parks, incubators and seasoned entrepreneurs. After the training, they are required to volunteer for a year with the Shanghai Internal Maker Competition, 智慧湾科创园3D Printing Maker Center.

    Target Participants

    Studio or Individual Devlopers, College students from any part of the world (Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate).

    College or University students and teachers in Mechanical or Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing Maker teams, 3D Printing start-ups and other 3D Printing enthusiasts.


    Team Size:

    The team should be 3-5 individuals, including the leader. The team leader will be the point of contact and representative of the team.


    Entry requirements:

    In the early registration period, the company has to be registered and established with independent intellectual property rights, with no outstanding disputes over property rights.

    Companies that have not registered as a company during the company, or are currently being incubated within an enterprise without being an independent organisation, have core technology or an innovative industry application content or a combination of smart hardware.

    Competition Rules and Regulations

    Online submission of deliverables, offline demonstrations and/ or presentations.

    1. Online submission of data documents, including entry registration forms, model source design documents, “workbooks”, work images and contestant photos
    2. “workbooks”, contestants need to provide a note 200 characters long, in English and Chinese
    3. The ownership of the winning entries belongs to the organiser
    4. All entries will not be returned by the organiser.
    5. Excellent works will be exhibited in the 3D Printing museum in China, with the opportunity to be displayed in the Oriental Pearl 3D Printing immersive experience store
    6. The offline demo is divided into 2 parts: PPT presentation and expert reply. Different rankings are based on the score given by the experts. The offline demonstration time cannot exceed 6 minutes. The statements should avoid redundancy, strive to be concise, clear, focused and clear. The use of professional terms should be accurate and appropriate. Relevant data science, integrity and detail.
    7. On the day of the offline demonstration, contestants must arrive at the designated location 15 minutes before time. Late arrivals and leave request will be marked as absent.
  • —— Competition Features and Resources ——

    Entrepreneurial Mentors

    With professional competitions in 3D printing hardware, materials and application development. We will bring together the most experienced and insightful experts, makers, first-class hardware equipment manufacturers, renowned media from all around the world. Professional 3D printing equipment and support will be provided by strong partners like Chinachem Hi-Tech, Shanghai Liantai etc.

    Hardware and Technical Support

    In order to fully start the establishment of the 3D printing specialisation industrial base in the Smart Bay Science and Tech Park, and promote the development and commercialisation of 3D printing hardware design, material research and development and industrial applications, the competition will ntuture an excellent development team to fully exploit innovative technologies. Practical, forward-looking content, unique industrial experience, creation of industrial opportunities, promote the development of the 3D printing industry and create a 3D printing service platform that exemplifies the domestic capabilities.

    China 3D Printing Cultural Museum and 3D Printing Research Center provides strong hardware and technical support for this contest.

    Achievements Display and Incubation

    The China 3D Printing Cultural Museum and 3D Maker Space will open up exhibition booths for participating teams to showcase innovation results and inubated projects.

  • —— Competition Timeline ——

    Preliminary Round

    Date: Aug 2018 (To be confirmed)

    Location: Shanghai 3D Printing Maker Center

    Agenda: Day 1: Registration, Tour 3D Printing Maker Center, Competition Briefing

    Day 2: Opening Ceremony, 3D Printing Group Stages, Industrial Application Group Stages, Innovation services interaction

    Day 3: 3D Printing Industrial Forum

    Final Round

    Date: 26 September 2018

    Location: Shanghai City, Baoshan District, No.6 Xichuan Road



    Day 1: Registration, Tour China 3D Printing Cultural Museum Competition Briefing

    Day 2: Opening Ceremony, 3D Printing Group Stages, Networking with investors

    Day 3: 3D Printing Industrial Forum Awards Ceremony

  • —— Organisers ——