• Blockchain Maker Competition

    2018 Shanghai International Maker Competition – NEO Blockchain Hackathon makes Blockchain Application Development as its main theme, to explore more innovative application of blockchain. The entry project has to use the NEO blockchain open source platform as the development platform, to release potentials and innovate boldly. Concurrently, NEO hopes to use this Hackathon to invigorate potential blockchain projects and outstanding NEO community developers to be partner with NEO in building the NEO Ecosystem.


    Developers can participate individually or in teams. Awards with a total value of ¥100,000 will be issued in GAS or equivalent value.

  • —— Competition Timeline ——


    22 May



    22 May – 20 July



    20 July

    Vetting, and release of award recipients


    20-30 July

    Award ceremony

  • —— Details of Prizes ——


    *GAS Token: 1GAS~¥130

    *Innovation prize: InnoMaker Hardware Lab vouchers

    First Place (1 Selection)

    500 GAS

    Second Place (1 Selection)

    200 GAS

    Third Place (1 Selection)

    200 GAS

    Excellence Award (2 Selections)

    50 GAS

  • —— DEMO DAY ——


    * 20 July 2018

    * Shanghai City, Yangpu District, Zhengxue Lu No. 77, INNOSPACE+ Level 1 IPOclub



    Sign in,Opening speech






    Excellent Project Roadshow



    Pitches by awardees

  • Why participate?

    Network with blockchain experts, learn technical blockchain skills, improve development capabilities.

    Network with blockchain enthusiasts, meet new potential partners

    Large prizes to fund your blockchain project

    Registration Method (Recommended)

    Business Planner: Team leader, responsible for the concept of the entire project, management and development of the results of the competition (1 person per team)

    Blockchain developer: Responsible for the development, has experience in any of the following languages: C#, VB.net, *F#, Java, Kotlin, Python (3 people per team)

    Designer: Responsible for the design of the project (1 person per team)

    Registration criterias

    Individual and team registrations are welcome. Individuals will be matched with teams on-site.

  • Rules of Competition

    -Projects that previously participated in NEO related competitions will not be allowed in this competition.
    -Submission dateline for project and codes will be 23:59 10 July 2018, Beijing Time.
    -NEO related codes and technical documents are available. at: https://github.com/neo-project
    -Dateline for submitting the working code is 23:59 10 July 2018, Beijing Time. Should the code not be submitted before the dateline, it is deemed as a forfeit from the competition.
    -Participants must ensure the originality and legitimacy of the work. Plagiarism of other individuals or organisations will be disqualified. All legal responsibilities arising therefrom will be borne by the developers

    Judging Criteria

    -Technical Advancement (25%)
    -Innovation and Applicability (20%)
    -Value (20%)
    -Completion of development (20%)
    -Scalability (15%)

    Important notes for submission

    -The completed work submission must include the work presentation document, prototype, web address, the smart contract code address on Github, test network deployment smart contract hash, contact information etc.

    - Work includes executable programs and codes, code submitted to Github for code review. (If the code is not submitted, or unable to be viewed on Github, you will be disqualified)

    - Contact information must indicate contact name, email address, telephone number etc. This is convenient for staff to contact between the organizers and the contestants.

    - Other logos, pictures, videos, installation packages etc should be submitted as attachment form(optional)

  • —— NEO Development Platform ——

    NEO is a non-profit community-based blockchain project. It is a distributed network utilizing blockchain technology and digital identities to digitize assets and uses smart contracts to automate digital i-assets to realize a “smart economy”. NEO officially launched in 2014, and launched on Github in June 2015. It has now become the top ten open source public-chain projects in terms of market capitalization in the world.

    The NEO technical team is based in Shanghai. Since the project is open sourced on Github, any developer can contribute code to NEO at any time and place. In NEO’s ecosystem, community organisations such as City of Zion (CoZ) and NewEconoLab (NEL) have formed a strong technical team. At the same time, hundreds of dApps have been born in the ecology based on NEO.

    NEO supports a variety of digital assets and supports digital certificates. It also has unique technical features such as the original dBFT consensus mechanism, the super conducting trading mechanism, Turing’s complete smart contracts, and cross-chain interoperability protocols.


    Developers can obtain information beforehand from the following websites:

    NEO website: http://neo.org

    NEO Technical pages: http://docs.neo.org/

    NEO Github: http:// github.com/neo-project.

    NEO Token Standard, NEP-5 (corresponding to ERC-20): http://github.com/neo-projects/proposals/block/master/nep-5.mediawiki


    NEO will provide relevant technical documents for developers to work on in a short time. NEO will publish relevant issues at the site of the competition. Finally, according to the technical documents provided, relevant technical solutions will be provided for the completion of the prototype.

    NEO dAPPs list:




    NEO ecolist: http://github.com/CityofZion/awesome-neo


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