• Blockchain Industry Innovation Forum

    As a new application of distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm and other computer technologies, blockchain technology is widely regarded as(subversive product) as the next core disruptive technology. Blockchain has received serious attention from various capital markets due to its applicability in a wide range of industries.


    This forum will see(invite) a number of experts, technology developers, investors and entrepreneurs to share on the future of blockchain, its technology applications and scenarios. The speakers will also discuss in depth on the actual use of blockchain and smart contracts, while discussing the future from the business aspects, as well as the potential it has to empower industries.

  • —— Takeaways from Forum ——

    Industry Highlights

    The forum will analyze topics such as advantages of blockchain, technology application and Overall the arrangement in advance.

    Essence of Blockchain

    In-depth exploration of real-world applications of blockchain, smart contracts and complimentary cutting-edge technologies to discuss the future of business, and how blockchain can empower industrial innovation.

    Professional Network

    Build a network comprising of entrepreneurs, investors, blockchain experts, industry experts, developers and engineers for them to communicate and experience individually.

    Human Resource Accumulation

    Gathering elites from renowned companies in the field of Blockchain, industry and institutional experts to build high-quality networking resources

    Accurate Branding

    The forum will utilise all-round local and foreign media resources as well as invite well known mainstream media on-site to cover the event and produce reports.

  • —— Forum Itinerary ——


    13:00 - 14:00

    Registration and Entrance


    14:00 - 14:40

    Shanghai International Maker Competition Opening

    Blockchain Industry Innovation Forum Opening


    14:40 - 16:40

    lockchain Industry Innovation Forum Sharing


    16:40 - 17:00

    Commemoration photo, networking

  • —— 论坛日程 ——

    <NEO Smart Contract Organisation and Application Scenarios>

    Lin Pengtao

    Head of R&D, NEO Global Development (NGD)

    7 years of experience in Internet technology development and one of NEO’s earliest developers. After 13 years of exposure to Bitcoin, Pengtao engaged in technical research and development with Huobi network. He has been engaged in application development of blockchains in public and alliance chains and has experience in the fields of bills, credit information and mutual funds. As a NEO community evangelist, he continues to influence communities to participate in the research and promotion of blockchain technology.

    <Current Status of Energy Blockchain and the Practice of Energy Chain>

    Yang Yifang

    Senior Strategic Researcher, Energy Blockchain Lab

    Graduated from Columbia University and worked for both Bloomberg New Energy and the First Finance and Ecnonomic Research Institute. Yifang also served as the head of Energy and Technology division and the First Finance and Economic Institution

    <Smart Contracts in the Development of nns Projects>

    Li Jianying

    NEO Core Developer, NEL Co-founder

    Engaged in software development and management for many years, and has participated in the development of software that dominates the software developments for games, large-scale human-computer interaction projects as wells as R&D of software and hardware projects. A blockchain technology expert that participated in the architectural design and core development of NEO.

    <Blockchain Industry Review for the First Half of 2018>

    Zhu Yibang

    Chief Blockchain Analyst, Huobi Blockchain Research Institute

    Digital assets and blockchain technology, eco enthusiast, former senior manager of Guohai Securities Investment Banking and Analyst at Huawen Media Investment Department. Yibang has been involved in corporate creditor’s rights, equity financing and early investment in the TMT industry, leading participation in a number of corporate bond issuances and listed companies’ cultural media acquisition projects. In 2018, Yibang join Huobi and is responsible for research work on blockchain and digital assets.

    <Venture Capital Services for Blockchain Projects>

    Geng Liang

    Co-Founder, Ling Nuo Tong Capital

    Early Investor and consultation for blockchain projects, a Wechat Official Account and “Sales and Marketing” columnist as well as McKinsey’s industry consultant for blockchain projects. Geng Liang provides a end-to-end service for blockchain projects and has accumulated and developed a strong blockchain network in China and abroad.

    <Blockchain Games and Solutions>

    Li Yiling

    Founder, Trinity

    Former NEO Foreign Manager, responsible for the global token sales of NEO for16 years and their subsequent community construction, commercial operations and ecosystem establishment. FourierPR Co-Founder, one of China’s top cryptographic economics project PR and consulting firm, Fourier’s clients dominate the list of Top 100 in coin market capitalisation; Worked with FBG previously. Founder of Leishi Technology, which includes media website inwecrpto.com, and multi-asset wallet InWeWallet.

    <Alchemint’s Stable Currency Analysis and Practice>

    Zhang Ting

    Founder, Alchemint and Master of Finance

    Extensive experience in the fields of securities, media and internet finance. A libertarian and serial entrepreneur. Zhang Ting has successively served as an investment consultant in China Merchats Securities, Chief Editor of Media Finance, COO of P2P wealth management firm and CEO of a Financial Community Platform. She has exte nsive experience in Internet financial product innovation, supply chain finance, asset securitization, risk control systems and internet platform operations and management.