• Automotive IoT Maker Competition

    The development of modern day information systems has begun to have transition from the “internet” to the “Internet of Things”. IoT connects people, processes, data and physical objects to bring a richer product experience and unprecedented opportunities for development. This Mobility Iot Maker Competition is led by the Shanghai Municipal Science and supported by the InnoSpring and incorporated with the concept of ‘hardware technology, creating the future”. The innovative platform of the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, combined with the national professionals to build a space a platform for individuals to accelerate the development of IoT in the automotive industry, excavating valuable projects, carrying out technology transferring and results transformation.


    No matter you are a technical controller, developer, designer, student or a passionate entrepreneurial team, we welcome you to participate in this competition. Even though you do not have any viable products at the moment and only have elementary ideas, you can also experience the unparalleled geek carnival. The teams can take advantage of the ARM development board, sensors and other hardware devices provided, connect to the cloud to design innovative and leading smart network appliances. We look forward to a breakthrough in designs for customers in this 48-hours Hackathon event, where you can receive valuable thoughts and opinions from experts and investors industries.

  • —— Competition Details ——

    Competition Details

    24-26 August 2018

    Competition duration

    48 hours


    60-100 individuals (Each group is limited to 3-5 people, with a total of 20 groups)

  • Organiser

    Competition Venue

    Shanghai City, Jiading District, Pingcheng Road No. 1455, InnoSpring Building B

  • —— Registration Details ——

    Competition Timeline

    Method of Registration

    Registration by teams, each team to comprise of 3-5 members.

    Through the technical workshop, 20 teams will be selected to participate in the actual competition.

    Target Group

    Students, Start-ups dealing with Automotive IoT, other groups with an interested in IoT.

    Design Theme

    IoT hardware designs in the Automotive space

  • —— Competition Evaluation Criteria ——

    This Hackathon will be hosted by incubators specialising in IoT and professionals from the sensor industry. It will provide players with a competitive platform that can develop hard- and soft-ware in a short period of time. Participants have to complete the task in 2 days. They will IoT microcontroller development platforms equipped with a variety of advanced sensors, connect the cloud network, the development of innovative and leading car related intelligence applications.


    The jury will make a public and transparent selection based on “innovativeness”, “practicality”, “commercial value”, “teamwork” and “completion”. The winning team will receive a cash reward as well as free incubation, industrial services and business marketing resources. All registrants can participate in the competition conference.

  • —— Details of Prizes ——

    First Place (1 Selection)

    RMB 10,000; Complimentary office space for 1 year; Mystery Diamond Gift Box

    Second Place (2 Selections)

    RMB 5,000; Complimentary office space for 6 months; Mystery Platinum Gift Box

    Third Place (4 Selections)

    RMB 2,500; Complimentary office space for 6 months; Mystery Gold Gift Box

    Excellence Award (13 Selections)

    RMB 1000

    All selected participants will receive

    2018 Shanghai Hackathon Recognition Certificate; Hackathon commemoration tee

  • —— Competition Judges ——

    Ding Huiwen

    Qianren Expert

    Ren Jia

    General Manager, InnoSpring

    Zhang Ting

    Vice President, DaTai Capital

    Wang Bin

    Yuanxiao Origin Fund

    Huang Ronghui

    Public Relationship Marketing Investment Manager

    Wang Chen

    Slush China

  • —— Important Notice ——

    All registered team will have the opportunity to receive incubation from InnoSpring

    The content of the Mystery Gift Boxes will be announced during the workshops.

    Participants are required to fill out their personal information to the best of their knowledge. The organising committee will verify the authenticity of the information, any teams found in violation will be disqualified.

    Should you should be an individual with only an idea, but believe strongly in this idea.

    State your role at the point of registration, and we will link you up with other like-minded partners.

    Contact: Yang Bin; Contact Number: 175051286520

    Email: yb@shiotpark.com

    Contact: Tian Changyan; Contact number: 13816600634

    Email: 187392369@qq.co

    The rules of the competition are subject to change without prior notice. For details on the distribution of cash prize, please contact the Organising Committee. The final decisions of the competition lies with the Organising Committee.

  • —— Development Platform ——