• Smart Hardware Maker Competition

    Shanghai international Maker Competition is organized by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, sponsored by the Minhang District Science and Technology Commission, co-organized by Shanghai Jiaotong University and the 零号湾全球创新创业聚集区(No.0 Bay Worldwide Innovation Accumulation Area). It has main goals to produce a creative atmosphere and strengthen to support for the creators in an exchange and practice platform tailored for individuals and teams that have the Maker spirit.


    Through the combination of hard- and soft-ware, the traditional equipment will be transformed to possess intelligent functions. With these intelligent functions, the hardware has the ability to connect to internet services to form a “cloud to end” service, giving typical architecture additional values such as big data. Intelligent hardware is based on the platform of the underlying hardware and software. The new generation of information technology such as inter-connectivity, human-computer interaction, display and big data processing is a new type of intelligent terminal product and service based on new designs, materials and hardware. The product can come in many forms like smart phones, wearables, homes, vehicles, medical health and unmanned systems, becoming the intersection of integration of information technology and traditional industries.

  • —— Competition Timeline ——


    Mid May – End June

    Selection. Location

    Location:零号湾全球创新创业聚集区, Shanghai Jiaotong University


    01 July to Mid Sept

    Preliminary Rounds, Prototype. Location: Shanghai Jiaotong University Electronics Lab


    13-14 Oct

    Final Round

    Location: Shanghai


    29 Oct

    Awards Ceremony

    Location: Shanghai

  • —— Details of Prizes ——

    First Place (1 Selection)

    Certificate + Prize Money (RMB 10,000)

    Second Place (2 Selections)

    Certificate + Prize Money (RMB 5,000)

    Third Place (4 Selections)

    Certificate + Prize Money (RMB 2,000)

    Excellence Award (8 Selections)

    Certificate + Prize Money (RMB 500)

  • Competition Highlights

    High Visibility: The competitions garners attention from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Real Estate Group, Minhang District Science and Technology Commission, who attach great importance and support for this contest.

    Joint Publicity: 零号湾全球创新创业聚集区, Shanghai Jiaotong University, East China Science and Technology etc, have high publicity efforts for this competition.

    Resource Co-ordination: Integrate the resouces of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Minhang District and 零号湾全球创新创业聚集区 to screen projects, launch organisations, give professional assessments, loan high0quality equipment and scientific optimization to provide large capacity support for the competition

    Goals of competition

    Helping international Makers and entrepreneurial teams find identify pain points in the industry, assisting them in applying the latest innovations and finding solutions.

    Through the creation of such a culture, open source hardware and software as well as design thinking, the contestants have the opportunity to gain insights into the culture of creation, intelligent manufacturing and other information.

    Linking companies with Makers to build a effective and holistic maker community, based on which excellent internal resources can connect. This will promote innovation and transform the Maker market.

    Requirements of Competitors

    Open to all Maker individuals and teams

    Online registration, offline team formation

    Individual, team

    Individuals that progress to the finals would be required to form teams, or join other teams in order to participate in the finals

    Total number of participants: 200

    Total number of participants in the final round: 50

    The team should be 3-5 individuals, including the leader. The team leader will be the point of contact and representative of the team.