• Smart Campus Maker Competition

    Education Institutions are at the forefront of science and technology as the first productive force, the primary source of talent and the ultimate impetus for innovation. The Shanghai Municicpal Commission of Education in April 2018 released the 2018 No.3 Document titled “Action for Artificial Intelligence Innovation in Colleges and Universities”. The Smart Campus Maker Competition is the concrete embodiment of the implementation of the document by the Ministry of Education.


    The Smart Campus Maker Contest aims to cultivate the comprehensive ability of undergraduates; and their ability of social innovation, hands-on needs to be expressed. Through various aspects of the student’s life in school and combination of campus hardware resources, with the help of Innovation Centers in the various schools to foster a Maker environment. The platform will give support in the fields of mechanical and electrical automation, communications, computers, materials, architecture, environment, biology and other disciplines, to inspire a spirit of innovation in students. By encouraging students and societies to apply their knowledge to the field of Maker, in the hope of promoting the development of student makers on campus, helping the continuous optimization of innovative and entrepreneurial environments for college students and social entrepreneurs.

  • —— Competition Timeline ——



    Mid May – End June

    Preliminary preparation, Start of registration (Registration dateline: 30 June)


    Mid June

    Public release of agenda and rules of competition


    Mid June-Beginning Sept

    Creation of competition product and submission (Submission dateline: 09 Sept)


    Mid Sept

    Vetting by experts, Mass Display, Product Deliberation

  • —— Details of Prizes ——

    First Place (1 Selection)

    Certificate + Prize Money (RMB 10,000)

    Second Place (2 Selections)

    Certificate + Prize Money (RMB 5,000)

    Third Place (4 Selections)

    Certificate + Prize Money (RMB 2,500)

    Excellence Award (8 Selections)

    Certificate + Prize Money (RMB 1000)

  • Organiser’s Profile and Objectives of Competition

    Shanghai University is under the key national project of “211 Engineer”, which aims at establishing comprehensive Universities. A university jointed established by the Ministry of Education, the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, The National Defense Technology Industry Bureau. Selected as a world-class universities with top-ranked disciplines by the Ministry of Education.

    A Science and Technology services campus, where innovation leads the future. The students are of a young age, with an active mind, are to create the future. The national development strategy of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” has stimulated the spirit of “chasing dreams” allowing students to pursue their futures.




    Selection Criteria

    1. The contestants will comprise of full-time students and social entrepreneurs. These include undergraduates, masters and doctoral students. In the final evaluation, the composition of the team members will be taken into consideration, with special consideration given to the team with the highest academic qualifications.
    2. Competition Evaluation
    1. The innovativeness of the work: Whether the product can improve the service of the smart campus, and has certain innovations in the realisation of the smart campus function or the application of technology. (30 points)
    2. The integrity of the work: Whether the work can achieve the stated functions, meet the state of development of the smart campus, have potential for further improvements and whether it is forward-looking. (30 points)
    3. Rationality of Technology: Whether the technology adopted in the product satisfies the expected functions and if the technical means can be realized, whether or not the college students can create a dual campus technology to achieve a balance in terms of efficiency, function and cost. (25 points)
    4. Applicability of the work: Is there a possibility of becoming a venture project, development value in the industrial field, if there is a certain gap in the current market, whether the project team has a tentative plan for production. (15 marks)


    Registration Method


    Full-time students (including undergraduates, masters and doctoral students), social Makers

    Scale: 150-200 individuals

    Entry format: Individually or in teams, a team should comprise of 3-5 individuals.


    Registration in this competition can be done on- or off-line, team formation can be done offline;

    Participants can register individual or in teams;

    Keep updated at the event website: gczx.shu.edu.cn

    Offline Registration: Room 411, HD Building, No. 99 Shangda Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai City (Shanghai University Engineer and Technology Training Center)
    Contact: Teacher Hu 66133142, 13818100987

    Product submission: Send an application to gjckshu@oa.Shu.edn.cn. Click the download form to submit the application. Submission dateline is on the 9th of September 2018.