• Smart City Maker Competition

    The Smart City Maker Competition renews the focuses on IoT, using the method of Maker to create new products or services, solving pain points and problems in cities. At the same time, using the concept of “Renew The City” as a focus, providing 5G to move in line with the smart city to update new strategies and solutions. This competition will take advantage of Shanghai Internal Science and Technology Festival to strengthen co-operation with overseas markets. On the other hands, promoting a geographical distribution of the technology in China. Furthermore, attracting foreign University professors and students to use Yangpu District as a sandbox to develop IoT solutions for cities all around the world.

  • —— Competition Timeline ——


    19 May

    WIEE Opening Ceremony and Competition Commencement



    China-US Maker Competition



    Cross-Strait Competition



    Slush Preliminary Selection Demo



    Display of Prototypes



    Award Ceremony at WIEE-Pujiang Forum

  • —— Details of Prizes ——

    Smart Energy City Maker Award

    Elevators in Condominiums Maker Award

    Smart Parking Maker Award

    New Retail Maker Award

    New Dining Maker Award

    Sponge City Maker Award

    Cashless City maker Award

  • Why Participate?

    The Government, Enterprises and Universities are pulling resources together: The Shanghai International Maker Competition is hosted by The Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, and co-organized by four outstanding universities in Shanghai, all while supported by outstanding innovative enterprises in the industry.


    Gather resources and build advantages: To promote Fab-Lab O’s international brand competitiveness, Tongji University’s Urban Planning Institute and the Design and Innovation College are working together; Tongji University’s alumni are returning to lend additional expertise; The strength of Tongji’s Science and Technology Park; Tongji University’s Youth Committee and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute’s combined strength; Tongji 021 Incubator and student-led start-ups.


    High-quality results on display: an online display platform, innovative solutions can be listed on the International Smart City Maker Contest Map; offline winning works can be integrated into implementation or display on Siping Road, Yangpu District


    Rules of Competition

    Take Yangpu District’s Siping Community as they key innovation area, global makers are invited to provide solutions to enhance urban intelligence. The online selection method is used to invite the Government, enterprises in the various track, and the public to participate in the primary selections, before selecting the finalists for each track. The preliminary rounds will be on show in a SLUSH Demo, where the relevant enterprises will select teams to advance to the next round. Advanced teams will receive mentorship from exports, before exhibiting or constructing in the Siping Community of Yangpu District. Finally, the projects will be evaluated according to the actualization and implementation of the solutions before being presented with prizes at the Pujiang Forum.

  • —— Judges at the competition ——

    Wu Zhiqiang

    Jury President

    City Science and Technology Commission Delegate, Yangpu District Delegate, Experts from related fields

    Jury members

    Su Yunsheng

    Jury Secretary

    Ding Junfeng